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The Circus is in town

The Night the Floating Spa Turned into a Circus

On a regular day Bota Bota, a ferry boat that has been converted into a sleek urban spa, is a soothing place to be. On their two-year anniversary however, it transformed into a colorful world of artists. Acrobats and jugglers performed while you soaked in the jacuzzi, and there were more sweets than you should […]

Elemento Collage

Mouthwatering Surprises At Elemento Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ~George Bernard Shaw   Beautiful beaches, ancient historical landmarks, dense jungles filled with exotic creatures, ancient temples, stunning snow capped mountain visages, all these and more I have experienced while traveling. But time and again I come back to the stories. For me, it’s the […]

My Ganesha Tattoo

The Bucket List-Get into it!

Emptying Your  Bucket Recently I knocked off a major “to do” off my bucket list. What was it? Well, for years now I wanted to get a major tattoo for myself on my arm. What they call a 1/2 sleeve, meaning it runs from your shoulder down to your elbow. My grandfather had tattoos, my […]

View of Bathsheba

Barbados is the Bomb

When considering a travel holiday to the Caribbean, Barbados is considered by many to be the best choice of islands with its beautiful beaches, high standard of living, and amazing people.  Whether you are in the market for total relaxation or a holiday packed with activities and parties Barbados will not disappoint. Barbados, located in […]

Barracca Gardens

Making The Most of Your Holiday in Malta

About Malta Malta is a small island state, with a population of around 410,000. The Maltese people are descendants of ancient Carthaginians and Phoenicians with strong elements of Italian and other Mediterranean stock. The country’s official languages are Maltese and English, which is a language most Maltese speak as a result of a period of […]

The lady of the deep

Diving the Vanuatu Islands Part 2

Part II: Vanuatu Adventure Vacation – Diving, discovery, and more diving! My 10-day adventure to discover diving and happiness on the Island of Vanuatu. See Part I for more on Porta Villa, local spots, and more diving! Click Here My dives were amazing, particularly the cave and night dives. The wreck dives located in the bay, […]