The Night the Floating Spa Turned into a Circus

The Circus is in town

On a regular day Bota Bota, a ferry boat that has been converted into a sleek urban spa, is a soothing place to be. On their two-year anniversary however, it transformed into a colorful world of artists. Acrobats and jugglers performed while you … [Read more...]

Mouthwatering Surprises At Elemento Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

Elemento Collage

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ~George Bernard Shaw   Beautiful beaches, ancient historical landmarks, dense jungles filled with exotic creatures, ancient temples, stunning snow capped mountain visages, all these and … [Read more...]

The Bucket List-Get into it!

My Ganesha Tattoo

Emptying Your  Bucket Recently I knocked off a major "to do" off my bucket list. What was it? Well, for years now I wanted to get a major tattoo for myself on my arm. What they call a 1/2 sleeve, meaning it runs from your shoulder down to your … [Read more...]

Travel Blog- Russian Art, What To Do In Moscow


Russian art has come a long way since it's "Communism" days and the art has followed suit. If you are a fan of Russian art and are wondering what to do in Moscow, here's a sure fire way to keep yourself entertained, educated and even potentially … [Read more...]

Fusebox Arts Festival

DJ Scary Bear @ Digestible Feats

Funny, Amazing, Appalling and Arousing? Yep, It's The Austin Texas Fusebox Festival How can an Arts Festival be funny, amazing, appalling and arousing all at the same time? All I can say is, you have to be there. The Fusebox Arts Festival is a … [Read more...]

Delicious Recipes from Rural India


I love Indian food, so when I found these ancient Indian food recipes from rural India in the book Food of the Grand Trunk Road, I just had to share it with you. Cooking can be such a mindful meditation. It can also be incredibly sensual so I … [Read more...]

Rock of Ages or The Sound of Being Human


Welcome to my music page. Music was definitely my first love and I began experimenting with sound when my grandfather gave me my first guitar at age nine. It’s been a wild ride since then but I’ll leave it to you to explore those stories. The … [Read more...]

The Fine Artwork of Roi James

Master Style Figurative by Roi James

Roi James is an exceptional artist based out of Austin, Texas. I’m also happy to count him as a personal friend. I’ve long been inspired by his artwork with oils and acrylics on canvas as well as the stunning sculptural pieces he is now creating … [Read more...]

By Grace and Thumb Trailer

By Grace and Thumb

In June of 2009, Jay Bishoff, author and working musician, attempted to hitchhike across America with a camera in hand and a rag-tag film crew on his trail. Starting in Florida, we headed west to capture both the magic of the landscape and stories … [Read more...]

India Rising Documentary

I'm famous for my under garments in India.

Written and produced by Shilpa Bakre and directed by yours truly, “India Rising” is a short documentary about the 86% emerging markets that are rapidly becoming the most important economic forces on the planet. It is intended ultimately to be a … [Read more...]